Want to have some snacks before and after meals? Faced with heavy work pressure, I always want to open a bag of snacks to eat, or use my chewing muscles to boost my spirits; the following 10 office workers recommend office snacks, sweet, salty, and drinkable! In addition to compensating your heart that needs to be healed, it also takes into account your weight and taste buds. You don’t need to feel guilty about eating snacks. Let’s cheer up through food and regain your work efficiency and motivation~

▶ INESSENCE Potato Chips / Truffle Flavor
The truffle-flavored potato chips imported from Spain are tangy with the special aroma of truffles. The multi-layered taste indulges your tongue, and you can accidentally put one slice after another in the office; you can also pair it with red wine or champagne at home to enjoy a five-star experience that belongs to one person Luxurious and delicious~

▶ Korean ILDONG Quinoa Steamed Bun
This baby food brand from South Korea has been a favorite brand of mothers for 50 years. It is made of carefully selected Korean quinoa and other grains. Your work-weary heart.

▶ Laoyang Cube Can Cube Crisp
The time-honored "Lao Yang Salted Egg Yolk Biscuit" is a small snack that many people will always have at home, and it is also a good companion for souvenirs. The biscuit itself is bite-sized, and you can taste the dense and crispy crust. It is decorated with various flavors of aroma. It makes people eat more and more.

▶ Vilson Lactobacillus Bite Yogurt
Using ultra-low temperature rapid freezing technology, the fresh yogurt is made into bite yogurt that can be stored at room temperature. It is crispy, not sticky, and melts in the mouth. It is a small snack suitable for after-dinner or afternoon tea time, and is also loved by many children. .

▶ CHEERSPOPS Low-calorie Konjac Jelly
Made in Taiwan, overturning the impression that eating jelly sticks your hands, and designing a konjac jelly that is convenient to eat and full of artistic appearance. The taste is crisp and made with concentrated fruit juice. The taste is refreshing and not sweet. It's the right choice for card snacks!

▶ INTAKE Konjac Jelly Drink
There are only about 50 calories per pack, and zero added sugar, whether it is too late for breakfast, or a short break after a busy meeting, there is no burden to eat at any time~

▶ Qiqijia White Bear Dew Organic Snow Fungus Drink
The snow fungus drink, known as the civilian version of bird's nest, is made of "organic black fungus".

▶ Jumberley Farm Biscuits
One of the most delicious biscuits in the United States. Over the past 75 years, it has developed a variety of natural biscuits. It is not only large in size, but also solid in materials, as if freshly baked. It is recommended to anyone who likes American soft biscuits.

▶ CW Cocoa Flavor Mochi
Cocoa bean-flavored mochi that is popular in Korea. The packaging full of cute illustrations is very attractive. The size of the biscuits is not too big. The soft texture of chocolate beans and mochi, paired with a cup of hot black tea, is a perfect match!

▶ h&BAKE high-fiber filling cookies
Strictly select high-quality whole-wheat flour, and use professional skills and exclusive low-temperature baking technology to make high-fiber and mellow "cookies"; the brand also uses top-quality Spanish cocoa powder to develop a biscuit that is suitable for post-exercise or post-meal enjoyment The high-protein snacks satisfy our taste buds and hearts, and are a great boon for snack control.

▶ Yimei Hazelnut Dark Cocoa Chocolate Chips
Thick milk chocolate biscuit body, sprinkled with hazelnut or almond crisp, the nostalgic flavor sparks a new spark, and it is also delicious with ice cream! It is the invincible office storage food for thousands of years.
What should I do if I am obviously not hungry, but I just want to eat something? If you want to eat some snacks but are worried about getting fat, the nutritionist provides a list of 5 low-calorie snacks, so that you will not feel guilty after eating.

1. Sugar-free oat milk
There are many options available in the market, and it is very convenient to buy. Oat milk is rich in dietary fiber, which can help digestion, provide a sense of satiety, and replenish water.

2. Boiled edamame
Rich in fiber, edamame is considered a complete plant-based protein source, with 80 grams of edamame containing 11.7 grams of protein, more than an egg.

3. Oats
Oatmeal is delicious no matter hot or cold. It has a grainy texture that satisfies the chewing sensation. It is rich in fiber and protein. If you want sweet food, add some fruit. If you want salty food, you can add eggs, mushrooms or tomatoes. .

4. Tea eggs
Eggs are one of the healthiest and most suitable foods for weight loss, being high in protein and providing a feeling of satiety.

5. Sugar-free yogurt
Berries are good friends of sugar-free yogurt. Adding strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to yogurt is delicious and smooth. Yogurt is rich in protein, and berries can provide rich antioxidant substances. It is delicious, healthy and healthy Provides satiety.
Miss Korean snacks or snacks? This weekend, let the Korean snacks satisfy your empty and lonely soul that cannot go abroad!

➤ Korea "Kim Shoumi" Flower Crab / Dried Shrimp / Yellow Tail Fish Skin / Anchovies
Korean traditional snacks, made of deep-fried fresh crabs, light and crispy, not too sweet, suitable for eating alone with rice. It is also very suitable to be paired with a bottle of cold beer, watching movies and eating snacks, which is a great enjoyment in life.

➤ Binggrae Crab Crackers: Original / Wasabi / Hot Stir Fry
  Lovely flower crab shape, containing 7% flower crab ingredients, crispy taste, you can also eat the delicious seafood of flower crab. The difference from Jinshoumeihua Crab Biscuits is that it is not a fried product, so you can enjoy delicious food without any burden.

➤ COS MOS Creamy Garlic Shrimp Cake
  A popular snack from South Korea, the perfect ratio of fresh and sweet seafood and creamy garlic, salty and refreshing, not greasy on the mouth. Unlike potato chips that only sell air when you open them, the real contents, blowing up the nostalgic snack shrimp cakes in your memory, are also just right when dipped in Korean mayonnaise or ketchup, allowing you to finish half a pack in an instant.

➤ CW Top Flange Pancakes
  The moment you open the bag, it is full of sweet strawberry and vanilla scents. The sweet but not greasy flan is an unforgettable taste.
The moment of eating delicious snacks and desserts can always turn the hard work and unpleasant mood of the day into happiness.

➤ Jeju black pig cake
Jeju Island travel must buy! The cute and small golden pig cake is designed with the most famous black pig in Jeju Island, and the cake is made into the shape of a piglet.
The soft, sweet and delicate taste, in addition to the common wheat peanut flavor, also has the Jeju ugly orange flavor, rich citrus aroma, refreshing with a bit of sweetness.

➤ Binggrae Banana Milk
The classic of the classics, a must-drink of Korean national beverages, those who have not tried it must try it.
Every time I come to Seoul, South Korea, I will buy a bottle to drink first, and feel the atmosphere of "people in Korea", which is very cordial and nostalgic.
Koreans love spicy food, so most of them are used to using Yakult or milk to relieve spicy food, and drinking it cold is the most enjoyable! The coffee milk flavor is also very popular locally.

➤ INTAKE Konjac Jelly Drink
  Sugar-free, low-calorie, konjac jelly drink that is rich in dietary fiber and can increase satiety.
Not only children love it, but it can also be used as a snack between meals for adults, and it can be drunk when the mouth is hungry.
Drinking cold is the best taste, and the soft Q konjac taste subverts your impression of jelly drinks.

➤ Pulmuone Zhengbaihong Ramen Set
It is highly recommended by Korean variety shows. It mixes beef bones and seafood in the best ratio to make a delicious thick soup. It has a tangy aroma. Red pepper is used to increase the strong spicy taste. It is stewed with pepper, oil, green onion and beef bone broth Boiled spicy broth, paired with non-fried noodles, absorbs the soup and locks in the deliciousness in one bite. Have a bowl of ramen to satisfy your appetite. The noodles are dried at 150 degrees. The raw ramen is not fried, so you can enjoy the night snack without any burden.

➤ COLOR SUGAR Jeju Black Pork Ramen
  You can’t fly to Jeju Island, South Korea, but you can also enjoy the local black pork instant noodles.
The soup is made of black pork from Jeju Island, and the non-fried noodles made of potatoes taste refreshing and not greasy. The taste is slightly lighter, suitable for those who don't like heavy taste, and you can also add some green vegetables into the noodles.

➤ Ourhome Hot Stir-fried Rice Porridge
If you want some rice dishes, you can also consider Korean fried rice porridge, which can be completed in three minutes by microwave heating.
Using more than five kinds of seafood to cook, each mouthful is full of fresh and sweet seafood. The spicy seafood is eaten together with the rice porridge. The soft glutinous rice grains and the chewy squid texture will stimulate your taste buds.

➤ Ourhome Puzhou Spicy Beef Soup
  When you eat in Korea, you must have hot soup. The stewed beef is soft, tender and fragrant. The beef tendons are delicious. The fat and thin are mixed and not greasy. With a lot of Pleurotus eryngii and shiitake mushrooms, the overall soup has a richer texture and taste.
Snacks are indispensable for watching dramas during the holidays. One sip of snacks and one drink, one cannot take one’s eyes away from any wonderful moment on the screen. This weekend, let the Japanese snacks satisfy your empty and lonely soul that cannot go abroad!

➤ North Japanese Potato Chips in Soup
Potato chips are of course a must for watching dramas! The rich potato chips paired with beer is simply a heavenly enjoyment, and all the hard work on weekdays is swept away.
Potato chips with Japanese thick soup taste, rich aroma and not greasy taste, crispy taste, people can't stop eating one after another. The original editor tasted it with the mood of anticipation and not getting hurt. When he was surprised, he ate it while filming a movie and drama, and it disappeared after a pack. It was ranked first in the type of snacks that must be eaten when watching movies and dramas!

➤ Ogiya Black Pepper Flavored Dim Sum Cheese
Hungry but don't want to eat too much? Shanwu Black Pepper Flavored Cheese Sticks, individually packaged and non-sticky, easy to carry when going out, fragrant and delicious, every bite can taste the good taste of rich cheese and black pepper aroma; today's drama MVP snacks must be him, and It can be a good snack for drinking tea and chatting with friends, and it is so delicious!

➤ Sanko Niigata Official Selection Rice Crackers
The classic Japanese snacks, rice crackers loved by Japanese people must be on the list!
Japan, which is rich in plump rice grains, often makes rice into snacks such as "senbei" and "rice crackers". If you have seen Chibi Maruko, you must be familiar with the senbei they often have on the table! And because the rice crackers produced by the rice in each region have different tastes, the rice crackers of Sanko Niigata have a very special taste, you can eat the texture of rice grains, and the light and thin volume makes the rice crackers more crispy and delicious; and this The rice crackers use thicker and thicker soy sauce, with a bit of burnt bitterness, and the taste is more mellow and layered!

➤ Thick milk donut in the ball
Still thinking about what to eat for afternoon tea, you may wish to consider the milk donuts in the pills. Unlike the freshly fried donuts in Taiwan, they are made of rare and high-quality milk from specific farms, exuding a rich and mellow milk aroma. The donut cake made by baking allows you to eat more without the burden, and you don't have to worry about the pressure of rapid weight gain. The taste is dense and delicate, sweet but not greasy. It is individually packaged and easy to carry. It is the best choice for breakfast or afternoon tea snacks.

➤ Fujiya New York Cheesecake
Japan's Fujiya, which promotes "White Day", has launched a New York Cheesecake carefully selected by its craftsmen!
Made with selected cheese, it has a strong cheese aroma, with a soft biscuit base, and a soft texture, you can't help but eat two more slices. You can eat authentic New York-style cheesecake without going abroad, which is a good choice for your afternoon tea dessert.
It has a dense and solid taste. If you are a cheese lover like the editor, you must try it!

➤ Nissin CrispChoco Chocolate Chips
When it comes to Japanese snacks, the chocolate series snacks launched by Nissin are really not to be missed.
If you also like the taste of Yimei Chocolate Chips, then Riqing Chocolate Chips will not disappoint your expectation. It is shaped like a pizza round cake, wrapped in chocolate with crispy and delicious oatmeal. The rich aroma of cocoa is perfectly combined with the fragrance of oatmeal. Once you take a bite, you can enjoy the mellow chocolate, irresistible delicacy, and bring you double enjoyment of vision and taste!

➤ Nanao Fukuoka Yame matcha flan
Matcha lovers scream, rich and slightly bitter matcha is the favorite taste of many adults, whether it is made into matcha ice cream, matcha cake or simply tasting a cup of hot matcha, they have successfully captured the hearts of matcha lovers. This time, Yame matcha flan cakes are also launched. Yame Matcha produced in Fukuoka Prefecture is used, which is not inferior to the rich aroma of Uji Matcha and the smooth and smooth filling.

➤ Dripo Ranch Black Tea Milk Instant Drink
The Japanese have a habit of always having a glass of chilled milk after taking a bath, which may be coffee milk flavor or black tea milk flavor. Dripo Ranch adds Hokkaido's Four Leaf Dairy Whole Milk Powder to present the rich flavor of milk and the excellent frankincense taste. One sip will satisfy you, as if returning to the touch when you drank Japanese black tea milk for the first time!

➤ Kataoka Matcha Latte Mix
When it comes to matcha, what comes to mind the most is Japan, where it was developed! Uji Matcha is especially impressive with its smooth taste and easy drinking. It is not only suitable for drinking alone, but also suitable for making lattes, snacks, etc. It is paired with fragrant milk, which softens the richness of Matcha and brings out the original tea aroma of Matcha. , the taste is soft and the aftertaste is sweet; whether it is cold winter or hot summer, matcha latte will be an indispensable drink!